Friday, July 30, 2010

Red Car Canyon: Amazing Hawk Encounter

Photo: C. Weir, July 22, 2010. A small hawk sits on a branch between the yuccas. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Last week, neighbors were grabbing their cell phone cameras all over the neighborhood. (Sorry, I wasn't able to post the past few photos earlier.)

A Red Car Property neighbor, C. Weir, sent the following story with the above photo shot in Red Car Canyon.

" We rounded the path from Riverside Place to the Red Car Woods [Canyon] and there was a hawk sitting on the ground staring at us. At first we thought it was injured because it sat there for a while and looked at us. But as I grabbed my phone to take a picture it flew up into a tree, where I snapped a picture. As I tried to get a better picture the hawk flew higher up into the trees.

"The hawk was probably a foot tall had a tawny brown back and a white spotted chest.

"I didn't notice the tail. It did seem kind of young to me, just by its reaction to us and the way it was sitting on the ground."

Even if the photo isn't great, the Canyon location says it's more likely to be a Cooper's Hawk rather than the larger Red Tail Hawk seen in the more open hillside areas. Send us your neighborhood wildlife encounters: