Friday, December 11, 2009

DWP Property: These Trees Are Doomed

Photo: Diane Edwardson, December 10, 2009. All these trees are scheduled to be cut down on Saturday. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

All the trees in the above photo are scheduled to be cut down on Saturday 12-12-09. The trees are at the base of the DWP power line tower at 2333 Fletcher Drive (behind the parking lot for HOME Restaurant).

Yesterday, a Waverly Drive neighbor met on site with Greg Bartz DWP liaison to CD 4 and Steve Cole, DWP Water Systems Property Manager. Both said all the trees have been on the schedule for removal because the dangers posed by trees in/near power lines. But, looking at another photo, the trees are not so close to the tower.

The neighbor expressed dismay at the loss of the trees. The trees, while non-native, improve the appearance of the otherwise barren hillside. Bartz and Cole said it was not their call to make.

12-11-09, 11:30 AM UPDATE: Trees are indeed doomed by policy. Steve Cole from the DWP responds in an email, " I did some research on this and it is Power System's policy to have no trees in their right of way for overhead transmission. The right of way for large transmission towers can be up to 75' on either side of the tower. The policy is guided by federal requirements from FERC which regulates high voltage power transmission and distribution."