Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Menlo Property: 120 Units Proposed, Giant Retaining Wall Will Remain

Photo: Diane Edwardson, June 14, 2009. It's an eyesore from every angle. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Tonight, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council will vote on the proposed Menlo Property development at their regular Governing Board meeting:

Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Meeting
Wed., July 1, 2009
Micheltorena School Auditorium
1511 Micheltorena St.

A City Planning public hearing is scheduled for Wed., July 22, 2009.

Photo: Diane Edwardson, November 1, 2007. Overwhelming in scale, in 1987, the wall was to extend the entire length of the vacant land with an apartment building atop the 40' wall. Just another episode in the Legacy of Failed Development. (Click on photo to enlarge.)