Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Riverside Drive - No Overnight Parking District

Riverside Drive at Fruitdale 3-12-08. Photo: Edwardson

Starting this Friday, 3-14-08, The City will implement a "No Overnight Parking Zone" from 2AM to 6AM daily on Riverside Drive between Los Feliz and Oros St., as well as Allesandro Ave. between Riverside Drive and Glendale Blvd. Residents can obtain permits for "District 527" and more information by calling the Dept of Transportation (213)473-7890.

For decades people have lived in motor homes and other vehicles on Riverside Drive. In response to the increased number of vehicles and neighborhood complaints, the City crafted this solution after years of discussion within City Council District 13.

Parking District 527 will be expandable if motor homes start parking on adjacent residential streets. The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and CD13 identified the most likely streets last fall.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If motor homes begin parking on your residential street, report the activity immediately to 1-877-ASK-LAPD and your Senior Lead Officer. Additionally, contact CD13 (if you are south of Fletcher) and report the motor homes to Billie Jean Londono (323)957-4500 or Sallie Martinez (323)478-9002. CD13 will create a file to establish justification for expanding the district. However, the downside is neighbors would have to purchase parking permits. So calling the LAPD is important to reinforce that our residential streets are not appropriate for motor homeless living.