Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update - Mountain Lion Sighting

According to Los Angeles Animal Services Wildlife Officer Randall, there was also a report of a coyote siting shortly after last week's reported mountain lion siting, in the area around Lake View and Silver Ridge. Officer Randall reports that 70% of mountain lion sitings turn out to be other animals, often coyotes or dogs. However, you never know if someone has as an inappropriate "pet," so be aware of your surroundings.

Officer Randall advises taking a photo of the animal as the easiest way to help identify it. Even if it's blurry or far away, it can help in identification. If you have a cell phone with a camera - use it to take a photo of the animal in question. (Cell phone cameras are also a handy way to take photos of stray dogs if you can't get a hold of the stray animal.) Or walk with a camera - there's always something interesting happening in the neighborhood.

Officer Randall had additional tips for identifying wildlife. Try to judge the size of an animal in relationship to the surrounding vegetation. Lighting conditions and slope can play tricks on the eye. A mountain lion's tail is about as long as his body.

If you do see a mountain lion report it immediately to Animal Services: (323) 225-WILD (9453) or Toll Free: (888) 452-7381 Ext: 1-4-1.

The biggest wildlife concern in our neighborhood is coyotes. Last week a Corralitas neighbor awoke to a chorus of coyotes going after a cat just off his deck, overlooking the canyon on the Red Car Property. He shined a flashlight on the offenders; six coyotes scattered. This time of year, the pups are grown and learning to hunt. Earlier this year, in the same canyon, three very large coyotes were aggressively stalking a 6'3" man walking his two 100lb dogs (on-leash) at 6AM. A few months ago, a neighbor reported a coyote den on Lake View just above the canyon between Corralitas and Lake View. Walk your dogs on a leash at all times, as coyotes are out at all hours, not just after dark.

Learn more about living with about coyotes, mountain lions and other urban wildlife at: http://www.laanimalservices.com/aboutani_wildlife.htm